Vinyasa Flow

Join Ashlyn as she guides you seamlessly through a fun, playful Vinyasa Flow, combining graceful movement with breathing techniques designed to improve your strength and flexibility whilst lifting your spirit.

This Vinyasa Flow is an improvers level class perfect for those with a little experience.

Total running time 28 minutes


Fit Ball Part One

Part one of a two part introduction to Fit Ball in which Sam Palmer demonstrates beautifully how to get the most from your Swiss Ball.

This first video will challenge your deep core and abdominal muscles, assist your pelvic girdle and tone up your glutes, hamstrings, arms and shoulders with a gentle Fit Ball routine.

This video is suitable for beginners and intermediate level participants.

Total running time 19 minutes

Feel The Heat

Get Sweaty and fire up muscles that you didn’t even know you had in this functional workout designed to test your balance, improve agility and burn fat.

This video is suitable for those at an intermediate level or above.

Total running time 17 minutes

Open Your Heart

Embark upon a journey of spiritual awakening with Emily Gilchrist as she guides you through a full length Yoga and Mindfulness workout for your body, mind and spirit.

Total running time 65 minutes

Go With The Flow

In this gentle Yoga Flow Ashlyn guides you gracefully through a series of classic Yoga postures (asanas), combining breathing techniques with slow, gentle movement designed to improve strength, flexibility and breathing.

This short Yoga flow is perfect if you're new to Yoga or if you're simply looking for a more gentle practice.

Total running time 26 minutes

Release Me - 2 Part Series

Your foam roller is your new best friend when it comes to managing your aches and pains, tight muscles or general fatigue. Used regularly it can tranform your alignment, increase your range of motion and seriosly kick start your lymphatic drainage system.

This two part series of short videos offers a simple guide on how you can get the most out of your foam roller and is suitable for roll on! 

Total running time 30 minutes

Get Twisted

A twirly, whirly intermediate workout to challenge your strength and coordination. Give your spine a new lease of life and have some fun while you twist and turn in every direction 

Please note: This workout is not suitable for those with Diastisis Recti, Osteopaenia or Osteoporosis.

Total running time 28 minutes

Cool Classics Part 1

Classical Pilates with a modern twist. Yusra reworks some vintage moves in this intermediate level Pilates workout video designed to increase your rotational stability, your flexibility and improve your overall alignment.

This workout will make you feel challenged, refreshed and relaxed all at once.

Total running time 34 minutes

Paradise Body Polish Workout - Part 1

Gentle but challenging core and pelvic stability exercises designed for participants of all levels including those with diastisis recti and pelvic floor issues.

This workout was filmed in beautiful escape to the sunshine and enjoy this 30 minute Pilates video made just for you!

Total running time 3o minutes

Paradise Body Polish Workout - Part 2

15 minutes is all you’ll need to seriously wake up your core, mobilise your spine in every direction and transport yourself to Paradise. There’s also a beautifully challenging Pilates drill included to work up a sweat in this intermediate level Pilates workout.

Please Note: Due to the inclusion of loaded flexion movements, this workout will not be suitable for those with diastasis recti, osteoporosis or osteopaenia.

Total running time 15 minutes

Asymmetry in Motion

This safe but challenging level 1 and 2 workout focuses on mobilising your shoulders, neck and spine with core and pelvic stability exercises to help align and re balance your pelvis and lower back. This relaxing video is suitable for those with diastisis recti, or those with a baby on the way.

Please note: If sitting on the floor is difficult for you then please do use a chair for the first half of the film.

Total running time 25 minutes

Gentle but Essential - 4 Part Series

This four part series of short videos focuses on very gentle exercises that will 1. stretch and mobilise your spine, hips and pelvis; 2. wake up your postural muscles and relieve aching hips and ankles; 3. enable more freedom of movement and an increased range of motion throughout your lower body; 4. lengthen your spine and release your shoulders.

These exercises are not only safe, but they are essential for helping you through your third and fourth trimesters, or if you are recovering from injury.

Total running time per video from 4 to 7 minutes