Why Pilates?

Everyone can benefit from Pilates. Whether you have suffered a spinal injury and are using Pilates to help you get back on your feet, or you are an Olympic athlete, looking for greater strength, stability and control, there is a level to suit you.

Joseph Pilates (creator) was a boxer, yoga practitioner and martial artist so Pilates blends all of these disciplines into a regime that combines deep core strengthening, flexibility work and spine & joint stability. All of this whilst improving internal muscles, breathing, digestion, gland function and a significant reduction in stress levels.

I use a variety of techniques such as myofascial release and cutting edge stretching methods, with an array of small equipment including magic rings, overballs, dynabands, weights, swiss balls and foam rollers. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with any of these, they’re all friendly and fun to work with.

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One Day Retreat

We've gathered some of the most sought after therapists and trainers in Kent, found the most beautiful setting and topped it off with the tastiest, healthiest food to bring you a day retreat you won't forget.

Hosted at Reuthe's, the famous Lost Gardens of Sevenoaks, we'll have exclusive access to the indoor pool, the sauna, the spacious outdoor studio and the peace and tranquillity of the bell tent where massage and facials will be available throughout the day.

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Core strength is the key to a healthy body and mind...our videos will show you how you can achieve this by following a regular fitness routine through Pilates.

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