Band Practice

by Yusra

The Pilates Resistance Band, for such a simple piece of fitness equipment, is surprisingly versatile in its ability to tone your entire body.  Pilates Resistance Bands are also ideal for those of us who prefer to exercise at home, or who like to take their exercise routines with them when they travel.

Resistance bands are small, inexpensive pieces of studio equipment, but don’t let their size or cost fool you into believing that they are in any way less effective than larger, more expensive pieces of gym gear. There are numerous significant benefits to these simple exercise tools, including convenience, versatility, effectiveness and safety.

In our latest video, Yusra demonstrates a truly effective workout focusing on toning the whole body, including the shoulders, arms, chest and neck, together with the legs and the all important glutes.

The more you learn about the advantages of The Pilates Resistance Band, the happier you'll be that you added them to your home gym.

Pilates Resistance Bands are available in a wide range of strengths, lengths and colours. If you're looking to buy one in the U.K. then it's worth having a look at Fitness-Mad where you'll find a pretty comprehensive range of good quality resistance bands.

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