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Pilates Masterclass

There are thirty four moves in the original matwork series as prescribed by Joseph Pilates.

Each week, we turn our attention to two of these classic Pilates moves and show you how you can master your technique.

Plus, we explain why these moves are important and show you which specific muscle groups are targeted with each move.

This week we’re spotlighting ‘The Hunred’ and ‘Roll Up’

From The Blog | Latest Workout

Penny ( joins Yusra to talk about the special relationship between Pilates and Swimming and the huge benefits that you can achieve from an intelligent combination of both practices.

Gentle Back Pain Relief | Part One

There’s nothing worse than backpain right?

Join Paola as she guides you through three gentle moves designed to ease your lower back and get you up and running again.

This workout is suitable for every body ❤️

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Choose from a range of styles including Pilates, Barre, Cardio Core, Hiit, Fit Ball, High Met, Strength & Balance, Yoga, Mindfulness and Relaxation.