Gayle Levy

I have a rare syndrome that causes me to have musculo ~ skeletal and cardiac issues. When I met Ysura I was keen to build my strength so as to manage the pain I experienced.

Having had these problems since a child I was an anxious exerciser but Yusra put me at ease straightaway. We undertook floor work with weights and more recently the reformer. Further to this Yusra’s knowledge of Marfan Syndrome is impressive and her can do approach is empowering altering exercises so I can get the most benefit.

I recently underwent heart surgery and Yusra had the task of ensuring I was match fit for the operation which was a fine balance between pushing me but not putting me at further risk. Since the surgery Yusra has further helped with my rehabilitation and my family commented how well I recovered and attributed it to the Pilates I completed with Yusra.

I can’t thank her enough. X

Gayle Levy, Sevenoaks

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