Pilates Resistance Band Workout

Pilates Resistance Bands

by Yusra The Pilates Resistance Band, for such a simple piece of fitness equipment, is surprisingly versatile in its ability to tone your entire body.  Pilates Resistance Bands are also ideal for those of us who prefer to exercise at home, or who like to take their exercise routines with them when they travel. Resistance […]

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New Class For Tuesday Evenings

Starting next Tuesday 12th November at 6:00pm, we will be running a brand new weekly (pay as you go) Pilates class at Sir Mark Collet Pavilion in Kemsing. Suitable for beginners, experienced and advanced students of any age, all exercises are individually modified where necessary, to suit each member of the class. All specialist equipment […]

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Go With The Flow

In this gentle Yoga Flow Ashlyn guides you gracefully through a series of classic Yoga postures (asanas), combining breathing techniques with slow, gentle movement designed to improve your strength, flexibility and breathing. This short Yoga Flow is perfect if you’re new to Yoga or if you’re simply looking for a more gentle practice. Total running time 26 minutes

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Magic Button Part One

The Magic Button Part One

Discover the secret to core stability and ignite your abs, pelvic floor and diaphragm like never before in this super safe, super effective workout designed for every body.

Whether you have osteoporosis, diastisis recti, spinal issues, a baby on the way or you are a seasoned professional, this video is an absolute must.

Total running time 19 minutes.

The Magic Button Part Two

Take your deep core strength to the next level in this powerful and challenging sequel to The Magic Button Part One.

In this second video, Yusra builds on what you've already discovered in part one and transforms these simple moves into core strength powerhouses.

Like part one this workout is safe for all.

Total running time 15 minutes.

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Fit Ball Part One

Part one of a two part introduction to Fit Ball in which Sam Palmer demonstrates beautifully how to get the most from your Swiss Ball. This first video will challenge your deep core and abdominal muscles, assist your pelvic girdle and tone up your glutes, hamstrings, arms and shoulders with a gentle Fit Ball routine. […]

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